Matches, Dodgers, and short stories

Charles, pending is live and doing its best to confuse unfortunate readers in its path. It’s by far – I think – the most whimsical story I’ve ever penned. But it was fun, so more will follow.*

Meanwhile, I shall plug the works of other extraordinary writers. And yes, I know them, but that doesn’t make them any less spectacular.

 Matchbook Stories #2


Beautiful in execution, elegant on any shelf or table, and features minute narratives by Pat Cash, Marc Cinanni, and me. But also Pat Cash and Marc Cinanni. Go here for a closer look (at the book, not us). Did I mention Pat and Marc?

 Dodger of the Dials


By James Benmore – gifted writer, source of Dickens lore, and overall very nice man. If you liked your Oliver Twist, go get this book after you’ve enjoyed the first in the series.

* There’s a tale about imaginary dragons (and possibly less imaginary real life persons) brewing in the back of my mind and it won’t stay quiet. It also features very serious dialogue, love, despair, and experience points. I am inclined to believe that this happens only to me.
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