Now on Amazon: Southbound, a dystopian science fiction thriller

cover SouthboundOr, possibly, a Scandinavian-British, dystopian romantic science fiction near-future thriller. Descriptions are hard sometimes. Especially when a book is a bucket-shaped SF story with all kinds of genres thrown into the carefully stirred mix.

But it’s out! And available here! Which was cause for a release party that featured vintage cider and licorice. To each his own, I suppose.

The book went through several revisions – including a complete rewrite – before I unearthed the story I really wanted to tell.

Or the story that wanted to be told. I can never say for sure.

Immense thanks and loud applauds go out to:

  • Tove Jorgensen, for always being there – even when she’s not
  • Class of ‘11, whose advice always rings true
  • Pauline Nolet, proofreader, for determinedly weeding my garden of typos
  • Jake Wallis Simons, tutor and author, for early pointers and motivation
  • Charles Brotherstone, for extensive and crucial feedback
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