New novelette (also known as constructive procrastination)

travelmonamourOne of my many parallel projects while working on the next novel is to stay sane. And as the novel-to-be decides to have opinions of its own, and the #sadpuppies debate threatens to distract me at every turn, sanity turns out to be a precious and precarious thing.

Hence: short stories.

To break up the long stretches of novel-length marches, sprints, and trudges, I write (or finish up) various short stories. It’s that or another rerun of Firefly*.

And indulging in shorter stories also means that I can play with covers, which always is a little too much fun and keeps me up far too late.

My most recent semi-coherent effort is a novelette about the love of travel, as experienced in more than one way. Expect a hunt, lots of dialogue, and (non-delayed) flights of fantasy.

*) Which I’m currently finding time for anyway.
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