About Erik

Erik Boman in Albion Bookshop

This is Erik at a reading in Albion Bookshop, Oxford. He’s as nervous as he looks. Actually, a lot more nervous.

Erik Boman is a writer based in Oxford, UK, where he shares a tiny house with his fiancée, two riotous daughters, a nutty dog, a fairly regular cat and another, positively sociopathic cat.

His first novel Siren Song (book one in the Detective Lena Franke Series) has been an Amazon bestseller in its category. A blend between gritty Scandinavian crime and paranormal fiction, it follows a damaged but determined Swedish detective who hopes to track down both a callous murderer and a man trapped in his own private hell.

Erik grew up in suburban Stockholm, Sweden. After thirty-odd long winters, he moved to northeast Australia, because cat-sized poisonous spiders are the only things more terrifying than three minutes of sunshine per year.

His bookshelf is a tumultuous mess of speculative fiction, but at its epicenter are Neil Gaiman and William Gibson. He’s a friend of any text that takes the reader out of this world, and away to other places. Sometimes even nice places.

When the sun is up, he designs for a travel website. At night, he writes, or wants to write.

Wherever he happens to be right now, Erik loves to hear from readers. Email him at erik.m.boman@gmail.com

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