Erik Boman is a Swedish writer. He lives with his family in Oxford, UK. This is him reading in a local bookshop, and he’s as nervous as he looks.

His first novel Siren Song (book one in the Detective Lena Franke Series) has been an Amazon bestseller in its category. A blend between gritty Scandinavian crime and paranormal fiction, the novel follows a damaged but determined Swedish detective who hopes to track down both a callous murderer and a man trapped in his own private hell. But demons are elusive, and may come for even those who hunt them.

Erik grew up in suburban Stockholm, Sweden. After thirty-something winters, he moved to Australia for studies, and soon realised that cat-sized spiders are less terrifying than three minutes of sunshine per year. He then moved to the United Kingdom where big spiders and sunny days are equally rare.

His bookshelf is a tumultuous mess of all kinds of speculative fiction . At its epicentre are plenty of re-read works by William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman, Laura Purcell, and Alastair Reynolds. There’s also a mound of books by Terry Pratchett, and a growing pile of poetry.

He’s a friend of any text that takes the reader out of this world and away to other places. Even nice ones.